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Here you will discover ELLEN‘S ENERGY ADVENTURE, one of the most amazing rides in EPCOT!

Universe of Energy Sign

UNIVERSE OF ENERGY is hosted in the mirrored pyramid pavilion with the large Dinosaur topiaries out front. Take this 45 minute ride with Ellen DeGeneres in "ELLEN’S ENERGY ADVENTURE".

Universe of Energy
Go back in time when the dinosaurs walked the earth as Ellen DeGeneres narrates how we get some of today‘s energy sources. You will enjoy waiting for this ride while Ellen entertains you. She does such a great job talking to you the 8 minute wait time is too short. You will want to stay and watch her a little longer. (Which you can) The show begins every 17 minutes, so if you would like to relax a little while longer and wait for Ellen, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

Universe of Energy

When you get seated in the 600 seat theatre the magic soon begins. The seats break up into 6 large moving cars and rotate around the theatre as they take you in pursuit of the origin of energy. The Audio-animatronic dinosaurs are absolutely amazing as they graze and look around. They look real to me, especially the scary ones, so the little ones might be a little scared.

Universe of Energy

FUN FACTS: Opened: October 1, 1982. This ride is mostly powered by the 2 acres of solar panels that sit on it's roof. The equivalent power could supply enough energy to power 15 homes! Also, Michael Richards from "Seinfeld" plays a caveman in Ellen's Energy Adventure.

Universe of Energy

GUEST POLICIES: For Guests with hearing impairments; Handheld Captioning Device & Assistive Listening Devices are available at Guest Services. Guests using ECV’s must be able to transfer to a wheelchair.

There is NO Dining in UNIVERSE OF ENERGY!

Next stop is MISSION SPACE!

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