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Here you will discover Muppet Vision 3-D!


At different scheduled times of the day this is the spot where you will come for CHARACTER GREETINGS. (You can find these scheduled times in your Times Guide)

Movie Set
is 25 minutes of non-stop laughs with Kermit and his friends. It is a great ride the whole family will enjoy. It catches your attention the minute you walk through the doors. There are 3 large TV’s hanging from the ceiling, so all can see and be entertained. You have Gonzo, Fozzie Bear, Sam Eagle and the other muppets entertaining you while you wait for the main show to begin.

Movie Set

Kermit asks each of you to listen to Sam Eagle when the doors open and he asks you to please move to the end of the row. The theater has 584 seats and with the 3-D glasses, each seat is a good seat with a good view.


Up in the balcony is the wise cracking Waldorf and Statler. In the back of the theater is the Swedish Chef, who is running the projector. (That sounds like trouble there!) Kermit and The Muppets are trying to put on a Variety Show, with the STAR Miss Piggy, and all of the gang. A lot of laughter and surprises that you and your whole family will enjoy. Fun Fact: opened May 1991.


GUEST POLICIES: Video & Reflective Captioning Devices at Guest Relations. For Guests with hearing impairments; Assistive Listening Devices are also available at Guest Services. Guests may remain in wheelchair or ECV.

Movie Set

HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS MOVIE SET ADVENTURE is a playground that looks like YOU are the one that shrunk! (This is not here anymore, but it was so cute I left it in.)

Movie Set

This is the place where you can take a break and let the kids run around. They can climb on EVERYTHING! This is my grandson, Reece, riding on this huge ant!

Movie Set

There is a 11,000 sq.ft. play area based on the "Honey, I shrunk the kids", movie. The whole area is just awesome!

Movie Set

There are 30 ft. tall blades of grass, you can slide down the film strip coming out of a Kodak Film Canister, a 40 ft. bumblebee, walk by a huge can of play dough, spider webs you can climb on, a huge box of cereal, a Tonka truck toy and a very large 52 ft. leaking garden hose.

Movie Set

This place is awesome, even for the grown-ups! Lots of photo opportunities! Tip: Cast members are stationed at each exit, ensuring children can only leave the play area with a parent.

Movie Set

GUEST POLICIES: Guests may remain in wheelchair or ECV.


Buzz Lightyear

TOY STORY PIZZA PLANET ARCADE serves pizza, salads, chips and cookies. Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Coffee, Milk and Juice. (This Counter Service restaurant has an arcade so it can be quite noisy.)


MAMA MELROSE’S RISTORANTE ITALIANO serves brick-oven pizza, pasta, chicken and steak. When you enter the Ristorante the wonderful aroma is from the wood-burning oven. The brick walls and cozy booths create an authentic atmosphere.

Chip & Dale

STUDIO CATERING CO. FLATBREAD GRILL serves specialty sandwiches, salads and desserts. Soft drinks, coffee and beer are also served. (Counter Service with outdoor covered seating)


FASTPASS is Disney’s FREE Service that helps cut down the time you have to stand in line for some of your favorite rides. Where eligible, go to your ride and to the Fastpass Center. Put your Disney ticket in the appropriate slot and in a few seconds your Fastpass will pop-out and you will get your Disney ticket back at the same time. On your Fastpass there will be an allotted time that you can go back to your ride and instead of going in the standby line you will go in the Fastpass Line. A Disney Cast Member will look at your ticket to make sure you are in your allotted time. This way you can board your attraction with a minimal wait. Tip: When you enter the park, go to your favorite rides and get your Fastpass. If you wait too long the Fastpass Center may run out of allotted times.


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