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In the OASIS you will discover THE OASIS EXHIBITS.

paw prints

THE OASIS EXHIBIT is where you will discover many exotic animals from all over the world. You are transported to another continent. As you walk down the pathways take notice of the different animal paw imprints.


Don't miss the Giant Anteater....


....and the Exotic Boar. (picture by farm4)


The surroundings are tropical, lush and green. There are animal sounds all around you. In the trees are beautiful White Macaws, Scarlet Macaws...


...the beautiful Blue & Yellow Macaws, the Green Military Macaws...


....and the incredible Blue Hyacinth Macaws. They are so beautiful it is hard to imagine they are real.


You canít miss the brightly colored Flamingos that are always fun to watch, especially the little ones.

Donald with a Macaw

There are also a number of habitats you can see where there are many amazing animals. Cast members are always nearby to answer your questions.

Tree Sign

These Tree of Life Garden paths lead to Safari Village towards the center of the park.

Dining in the OASIS

The RAINFOREST CAF… is absolutely an experience in dining. If you havenít eaten here, yet, this is a must. The ambiance is just incredible. The outside is almost as captivating as the inside. You might be lucky enough to see the volcano erupt!

Enjoy a few moments from the Rainforest Cafe!


If you like to look at amazing salt water fish aquariums, you will not be disappointed. There are huge fish aquariums throughout the restaurant including a 3500 gallon aquarium you can actually walk under as you are seated.

There is so much to look at here. There are waterfalls, gorgeous tropical plants, great sound effects and a tropical thunderstorm. When the thunderstorm starts, it gets dark and the animatronic animals all come to life.


You can watch the giant butterflies and dragonflies flap their wings, a cheetah resting up in a tree swinging his tail, the mother and baby elephant move back and forth waving their ears and trumpet and much more. There is so much to look at that it is hard to see everything the first time. There is a wide variety of food to choose from and is very good. The whole family will enjoy it.

The Magic Mushroom Bar is surrounded by the coolest animal shaped barstools. The colors are spectacular! Specialty drinks are featured and there's a bar menu.


As you leave you can browse around a large gift shop with rainforest themed merchandise. They have some really gorgeous shirts!

If you leaving Animal Kingdom to eat and then return, make sure to keep your admission ticket handy. If you are just going to the restaurant and not entering Animal Kingdom, no worries about a ticket to the park. Just enjoy!

GUEST POLICIES: Guests may remain in their wheelchair, motorized scooter or ECV.

Next stop is Discovery Island!

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