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Here you will discover MISSION: SPACE where you can blast off into space!

Mission Space
MISSION: SPACE is one of the most incredible rides at EPCOT! To be able to have this experience is like no other. From the moment you walk thru the doors, all the way to end, is a one-of-a-kind rush. Along the way you can get the best photo opportunities.

Mission Space As you approach the pavilion you will see our beautiful blue Planet Earth, along with the two others planets. Be aware that there are two different lines that you can enter for two different astronaut training levels. For the brave and daring you can choose the Orange Team for more intense training. (WARNING: For safety, you should be in good health, have no neck or back problems, or be an expectant mother.) For the milder rider you can choose the Green Team for less Intense Training. (This will let you bypass the spinning action)

Mission Space

TIP: Ride the less intense experience first. If that doesnít bother you go the higher intensity experience. Also, donít forget your Dramamine in the morning, it will make a huge difference! Trust me on this one!

Mission Space

As you begin your adventure you pass a futuristic International Space Training Center. Suspended on one of the walls is a huge Gravity Wheel along with a number of flags hanging from the ceiling. (The only word for this is awesome)

Mission Space

Next, you will go by Mission Control. Totally, an awesome sight! You can hear the conversations they are having with the astronauts.

Mission Space

You will go for a mission briefing, given by actor Gary Sinise. Each team member has a specific assignment to perform during the mission.

Mission Space

The positions include: Navigator, Pilot, Commander and Engineer. As your rank is called over the intercom, you will push the coordinating buttons, which enhances this ride.

Mission Space

As you board the space capsule, check out all of the controls and the display monitor at each station as everything is amazingly detailed. As you get ready for take-off the front monitors come down in front of you. If you are claustrophobic, as I am, it will be a little tight. With everything going on you will get past it. I did, four times!

Mission Space
Each seat is equipped with over-the-shoulder restraint, so donít worry about not staying in your seat. Each station has a joystick, in which you can help guide the capsule. As the countdown approaches, the seats tilt back into the launch position of facing the sky on your back. Keep your eyes on the monitors and watch the sky turn into night. At lift off you feel the engines roar and feel the whole cabin shake. It is the most incredible feeling as the craft leaves the Earthís 2.4 gravitational pull. As the flight continues there is a simulated feeling of weightlessness. Realistic sounds from overhead and vivid video images add to the experience of the simulation.

Mission Space

FUN FACTS: The images of Earth in Mission: SPACE were constructed from maps developed by the Earth Project, a joint venture by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Cornell University and NASA. The Project combines images from satellite, Space Shuttle and International Space Station sources.

Mission Space

Mission Space was created in collaboration with former NASA advisors, astronauts and scientists, along with the Walt Disney Imagineering team. The attraction uses new technology, which makes it the first ride system to take attraction visitors straight up in a simulated flight experience.

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Mission Space
GUEST POLICIES: Fastpass (Warning): (For Orange Team) For safety, you should be in good health, have no neck or back problems, or be an expectant mother. May cause motion sickness. For Guests with hearing impairments; Video Captioning Devices are located at Guest Services. Guests using ECVís must be able to transfer to a wheelchair and then transfer to the ride. Minimum height is 44". Due to the nature of the experience, service animals are not permitted on this attraction.

Mission Space

Mission: SPACE Advanced Training Lab is an interactive play space featuring space themed exhibits and games in the Mission: SPACE Pavillion.

Mission Space

Guests may remain in their wheelchair, motorized scooter or ECV to experience the attraction. (As you can tell, our grandson was not happy with me taking this picture!)

Please enjoy moments from Mission: SPACE!

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There is NO Dining in Mission: SPACE!

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