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Here you will discover a Character Greeting spot, The Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour, JourneyInto Narnia: Creating the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobeand Walt Disney: One Man‘s Dream!


At different scheduled times of the day this is the spot where you will come for CHARACTER GREETINGS. (You can find these scheduled times in your Times Guide)

MGM Shrub Tower

THE DISNEY-MGM STUDIOS BACKLOT TOUR is approximately a 60 minute tram tour. Our family never misses this ride. There is always something new to see!

Pearl Harbor

While standing in line you can watch video clips featuring behind the scenes of special effects from different movies on TV’s hanging from the ceiling.

Pearl Harbor

This ride will be asking for a few volunteer’s for the first special effect demonstration for the "Water" scene.

Pearl Harbor

As we watch the "Water" demonstration safely behind the rails (except for the lucky volunteers) it is amazing how much water is used in this scene.

Pearl Harbor

This guy couldn't believe how much water,either!!!!! He was such a good sport!

Pearl Harbor

There is a submarine that gets hit with torpedoes and explosions where you can actually feel the heat.

Next, you board the tram where it takes you through production warehouses...

Pearl Harbor

...and wardrobe departments where costumer’s are continuously working on costumes.


You will enjoy warehouses full of props from all different Disney movies.

Pearl Harbor

You will get some great photo opportunities of vehicles that have been used in Disney movies and evenWalt's personal plane.

GUEST POLICIES: For Guests with hearing impairments; Handheld Captioning & Video Devices are available at Guest Services. Guests may remain in wheelchair and ECV. Fun Fact: opened May 1989.

Please enjoy a moment from Catastrophe Canyon!


JOURNEY INTO NARNIA: CREATING THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE is a must if you loved this movie. This whole set is magical. My girlfriend Jeanette and her granddaughter, Taylor, loved this beautiful set.


This is a continuous 15 minute walking tour where you can look at all the props used in the movie and have your picture taken with Prince Caspian.

GUEST POLICIES:For Guests with hearing impairments; Handheld Captioning & Video Devices are available at Guest Services. Guests may remain in wheelchair and ECV.

Walt's Memories

WALT DISNEY: ONE MAN’S DREAM is a self-guided tour where Guests are welcome to tour the 400 plus artifacts and displays at their leisure. You will be seeing never before seen memorabilia providing a fascinating journey through the life of Walt Disney. You will begin at Walt’s birthplace of Chicago, Il. including his family’s farm in Marcelline, Missouri where the animals became a huge influence in his life.

Walt's Memories

At various times, you will hear Walt’s own words as he speaks about his past and what he saw for the future. This is where you will continuously learn about this amazing man behind the mouse.

Walt's Memories

You will walk in Walt’s footsteps, from his second grade school desk, to a model of Disney’s California Adventure and watch his dream unfold.


You will find the special Oscars awarded to Walt Disney for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a Multiplane camera used in the making of The Old Mill and models of the Disneyland Castle and Sleeping Beauty Castle from Disneyland Paris.

Even if you weren’t a Mouseketeer growing up, you will enjoy reminiscing the sounds and artifacts on display. Walt touched all of our lives at one time or another while growing up.

Fun Fact: Opened in October of 2001.

GUEST POLICIES: For Guests with hearing impairments; Assistive Listening Devices are available at Guest Services. The show is wheelchair and ECV accessible.

Please enjoy a moment from Walt Disney: One Man's Dream!

Mickey Mouse Club

" I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing- that it was all started by a mouse" Walt Disney

There is NO Dining on MICKEY AVENUE!

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