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The Land Pavilion in the Epcot Theme Park is a 6-acre area for Guests of all ages dedicated to human interaction with the land.



SOARIN is exactly what you are doing over incredible California landscapes and images you are immersed in. When the ride begins you will be lifted 40 feet up and in front on the huge IMAX round screen that envelopes you. When the images start you will feel like you are flying in a huge hang glider banking left and right with the images as they change. It is incredible when you actually recognize the scenery.


As you fly through the images your senses will come alive. You will smell the oranges going through the orange groves, evergreens when going over the tops of the evergreen trees and you may even smell the salt in the ocean as you skim over the waves while the surfers wave at you.


The finale is the dizzying effect of swooping down Main Street USA at nighttime with all the beautiful lights lit. You will end up at Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland with beautiful fireworks all around you. The last firework display is Mickey’s Head with Tinkerbell flying all around. You will find that you will want to ride this ride over and over.

Fun Facts: For the scene that takes place at the Disneyland Theme Park, the film crew had to arrange for a special staging.

GUEST POLICIES: Fastpass Minimum Height is 40" to ride. For Guests with hearing impairments; Video Captioning Devices are available at Guest Services. Guests must transfer from wheelchair or EVC.

The Land
LIVING WITH THE LAND is a lovely 13 minute boat voyage through a rainforest, an African desert and a turn of the century family farm.

The Land

You will enjoy greenhouses where plants are grown without soil and a fish farm. Absolutely fascinating to see all of the different plants and vegetables growing without soil.

The Land

Check out the Mickey Mouse Pumpkins and Mickey Mouse shaped cucumbers from the farming in the future area. You will witness Hydroponics, Aeroponics and Aquaculture

The Land

Fun Facts: Opened in 1982 and at nearly 6 acres this pavilion is the largest in Future World. The Land is Disney’s restaurant supplier.

The Land

GUEST POLICIES: Fastpass For Guests with hearing impairments; Handheld Captioning Devices are available at Guest Services. Guests in ECV’s must be able to transfer to a standard wheelchair.


Behind the Seeds Tour Departs every 45 minutes from 10:30am - 4:30pm. The cost for guests 10 years and older is $12.00 (theme park admission required) and guest 3 - 9 years is $10.00 (theme park admission required)To book in advance call 407-WDW-TOUR


The tour is an up close look at four greenhouses that are part of the "Living with the Land" attraction. Anyone that enjoys gardening will love this tour. "Behind the Seeds" is led by a member of the Epcot Science Team.


Highlights include: Sensory challenge with herbs and spices, Lady Bug release, Vegetable taste test, Fish feeding, Sprouting a seed in your pocket to bring home or.....


...a close look at the alligators, the latest gardening tips and seeing how exotic crops and gigantic fruits and veggies are grown without soil.


GUEST POLICIES: Strollers will be provided when needed. Guests in ECV’s must be able to transfer to a standard wheelchair.

The Land

THE CIRCLE OF LIFE is a short film featuring characters from "The Lion King". This is a 20 minute film starring the Lion King's Simba, Timon and Pumbaa. Combining live footage with animation, the tale is enjoyed by all age groups.

Circle of Life

GUEST POLICIES: The Harvest Theatre can hold 428 guest and is wheelchair accessible. For Guests with hearing impairments; Video Captioning, Reflective Captioning & Assistive Listening Devices are available at Guest Services


SUNSHINE SEASONS This is an upscale food court.

There are four stations to choose from. Each are a cut above standard food court cuisine and offer both freshly prepared and pre-made items.

The Chow Mein

Asian Wok Shop serves Noodle Bowls and Stir Fry

Sandwhich Shop

Sandwich Shop & Bakery serves freshly baked Artisan breads that they use in made-to-order sandwiches such as grilled vegetable Cuban, turkey muffaletta, ham and salami grinder and Focaccia.

Soup and Salad

Soup & Salad Shop serves flavorful and fresh salads and soups

Chip and Dale

Wood-Fired Grill Shop serves Rotisserie Chicken and Beef, Grilled Salmon, Lattes and Cappucinos

Chip and Dale

Or, you can have some FUN at the Chip & Dale’s Harvest Feast Garden Grill. It serves American cuisine for Lunches and Dinners hosted by Farmer Mickey, Pluto, & Chip & Dale.

Chip and Dale

While dining the restaurant very slowly rotates giving you a different view while enjoying your family meal.

Chip and Dale

This place is so fun and the characters take their time with each family so you can get the picture you want.


FASTPASS is Disney’s FREE Service that helps cut down the time you have to stand in line for some of your favorite rides. Where eligible, go to your ride and to the Fastpass Center. Put your Disney ticket in the appropriate slot and in a few seconds your Fastpass will pop-out and you will get your Disney ticket back at the same time. On your Fastpass there will be an allotted time that you can go back to your ride and instead of going in the standby line you will go in the Fastpass Line. A Disney Cast Member will look at your ticket to make sure you are in your allotted time. This way you can board your attraction with a minimal wait. Tip: When you enter the park, go to your favorite rides and get your Fastpass. If you wait too long the Fastpass Center may run out of allotted times.

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