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Here you will discover Walt Disney World Railroad, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Tom Sawyer Island and the Country Bear Jamboree.



Catch one of the four WALT DISNEY WORLD RAILROAD’s nostalgic trains as they take 20 minute journey’s around the park. You can catch a train to Mickey’s Toontown Fair or Main Street, U.S.A.

Splash Mt.

SPLASH MOUNTAIN is based on the 1946 Walt Disney Film, "Song of the South". You float in a hollowed-out log and watch Brer Rabbits escapades as he tries to outrun Brer Fox. There are over 100 audio-animatronic characters that entertain you as your log boat floats through caves, swamps and bayous. There are a couple of drops before you plunge 5 stories into Brer Rabbit’s Laughin’ Place.

Splash Mt.

A camera catches your expression, whether it is surprise, delight or fear on your face. Your picture is displayed at the end of the ride and is available for purchase. This is a very popular ride and the kids, young and old, love it.

Splash Mt.

Tip: sitting in the front of the log increases your chances of getting wet.

Splash Mt.

GUEST POLICIES: Fastpass & Pal Mickey (WARNING): For safety, you should be in good health, have no neck or back problems, or be an expectant mother. Kids have to be 40" high to ride. Guests must transfer from wheelchair or ECV.

Big Thunder

Take off on a run-a-way mine ride through the wild west on BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN RAILROAD! Set during the Gold Rush days in the flooded mine town of Tumbleweed. You will encounter an earthquake and falling rocks while rocketing around the curves and going in and out of tunnels. (My grandkids and I LOVE this ride!) FUN FACTS: Opened in 1980.

Big Thunder

GUEST POLICIES: Pal Mickey & Fastpass (WARNING): For safety, you should be in good health, have no neck or back problems, or be an expectant mother. Kids have to be 40" high to ride. Guest must transfer from wheelchair or ECV.

Tom Sawyer

Come and explore the island at TOM SAWYER ISLAND and venture through trails, caves, suspension bridges, rugged trails and a fort you can explore! Right now the island is set up like the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Cpt. Jack Sparrow

If you are lucky you will see Captain Jack Sparrow in person!

Tom Sawyer

Fun Facts: The rafts to Tom Sawyer Island are not on a track or guide rail. GUEST POLICIES: Guests must be ambulatory.

Country Bear Jamboree

Go see the COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE for the Grizzly Hall Musical Revue to have an old fashion hoe-down! Lots of music, singing, clapping of hands and stomping of feet.

Country Bears

Come and enjoy the singing, banjo playing, joke telling country bears starring the 7 ft. tall Henry as Master of Ceremonies. Listen to the 5 Bear Rugs, Teddi Barra and hear the harmony of Bubbles, Bunny and Beulah! This is a must see for the kids! Fun Facts: Opened in 1971. Country Bear Jamboree is the first major attraction to be debuted at Walt Disney World and then moved to other Disney parks worldwide.

Country Bear

GUEST POLICIES: Pal Mickey Reflective Captioning and for guests with hearing impairments, assistive listening devices are available at Guest Services. The show is wheelchair and ECV accessible.


At the FRONTIER SHOOTIN’ ARCADE you can aim your gun and become the greatest sharp-shooter on Boot Hill! There are pop-ups, moving and stationary targets.

Chip & Dale

Tip: Look for grave markers with humorous epitaphs like, "A carpenter trapped, when in his coffin he napped."


PECOS BILL TALL TALE INN AND CAFÉ serves hamburgers and cheeseburgers, wrapped sandwiches and salads.


FRONTIER FRIES hosted by McDonald’s serves fresh, hot french fries and beverages.

FRONTIER TURKEY LEG WAGON serves those incredible turkey legs that you can smell all over the park.


FASTPASS is Disney’s FREE Service that helps cut down the time you have to stand in line for some of your favorite rides. Where eligible, go to your ride and to the Fastpass Center. Put your Disney ticket in the appropriate slot and in a few seconds your Fastpass will pop-out and you will get your Disney ticket back at the same time. On your Fastpass there will be an allotted time that you can go back to your ride and instead of going in the standby line you will go in the Fastpass Line. A Disney Cast Member will look at your ticket to make sure you are in your allotted time. This way you can board your attraction with a minimal wait. Tip: When you enter the park, go to your favorite rides and get your Fastpass. If you wait too long the Fastpass Center may run out of allotted times.

Pal Mickey

PAL MICKEY is an interactive plush Mickey Mouse that is quite amazing! Mickey will let you in on insider park tips, give you parade and show time reminders, tell you when your favorite characters are nearby and let you know about show waits at your favorite attraction. Pal Mickey will entertain kids of all ages with his jokes, interactive games and fun facts that will make your visit to the WDW Resort truly magical.

Delight in over 700 Fun Facts and Theme Park tips. Innovative technology ensures that Pal Mickey knows where he is while exploring the four Theme Parks and he will share info with you at just the right time and place.

The entertainment continues outside of the WDW Resort and even back home where he will share his jokes and play 3 interactive games. Almost every store in WDW carries Pal Mickey.

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