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If you want to do something you would never, ever do....... this is the place!


You watch the trainer go thru the locked gates and you watch the one alligator become 10 alligators, then 20 and then 50???????. They know it is FEEDING TIME!!!


No way! If someone would of told me that I would be going in an enclosed gate to feed a goup of alligators, I would of told you that you were CRAZY!

feeding gators

Well, here I am with my two grandsons. Yep, I felt that safe. The experience was fabulous! This will be something my grandsons will never, ever forget!


Here is our trainer, Donnie, goofing around with the gators. That stick in his hands tells the alligators that they have come too close and they need to back up. When some other people were feeding them a couple of alligators decided to come out of the water. Donnie pounded his stick on the ground twice and the alligatorsbacked up. It was amazing to watch the respect between the trainer and alligator.


Here is a close-up of Donnie's face! He's a great guy and lots of fun, even around alligators! He and the others here really do love the animals here.

Enjoy watching my grandson's Feeding the Alligators!!!

Next stop is Gator Gully Splash Park!

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