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Here you will discover the Sounds Dangerous Show, The Indian Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and Star Tours!

Drew Carey

SOUNDS DANGEROUS - STARRING DREW CAREY is a funny 12 minute audio show that runs continuously at the ABC Sound Studio. Drew Carey plays the part of Detective Foster who is working under cover. This is held in a theater where headphones are used where sound effects heightens the shows popularity. (There are some moments in the dark) Fun Fact: opened May 1989.

Drew Carey
GUEST POLICIES: (Warning): May be frightening to children. For Guests with hearing impairments; Handheld Captioning Device & Assistive Listening Devices are available at Guest Services. Guests may remainin wheelchair or ECV.

Indiana Jones

INDIAN JONES EPIC STUNT SPECTACULAR is a live 30 minute show featuring how they did it stunt show. The stunt doubles look like the actors and there is never a dull moment. This is a Must See Show! The before-the-show entertainment is great, too!

Indiana Jones

Even if you arenít a fan of the Indiana Movies you will be blown away with the special effects and the spectacular stunts. Stunt coordinator Glenn Randall, of the Indiana Jones movies, directs this awesome show. There are fights, car chases, acrobatics and huge explosions.

Indiana Jones

There are different scenes re-enacted from the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" movie. These talented stunt men and women entertain while a few volunteers join the fun. There are moments where you will hold your breath and moments where you will laugh out loud.

Indiana Jones

You will enjoy the Cairo Market Place scene. It is definitely a laugh-out-loud moment, every time! The finale scene is fantastic! Fun Fact: opened in August 1989.

Indiana Jones

GUEST POLICIES: Fastpass For Guests with hearing impairments; Handheld Captioning Device & Assistive Listening Devices are available at Guest Services. Guests may remainin wheelchair or ECV.

Please enjoy a moment from Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

Star Tours

STAR TOURS is for all who love a thrilling ride, even if you arenít a Star Wars lover. This is a flight simulator ride so the ride feels like you are actually in space dodging planets and tractor beams! Before you even get to the entrance of this ride you will be able to see the Imperial Walker standing against the sky. (My grandson, Josh, is asking me what I wanted him to do.)

Star Tours

When you walk in you will hear C3P0 shouting orders toR2D2 who is hard at work on a disabled Starspeeder. While making your way to catch your ride to the Moon of Endor your are hearing endless pages over the intercom. It makes for the coolest atmosphere. It really makes you feel that you are in the Star Wars movie.

Star Tours

You will walk by a diagram of different views of the Starspeeder 3000. These diagramsshow passengers how they will be seated.

While you are waiting to board the 40 passenger "Starspeeder 3000", you will watch a safety video. This is a great video! (Check out all of the different aliens in the star speeder)

Star Tours
After being seated, your pilot-in-training, RX-24, will let you know that this is his first time piloting solo to Endor. This ride is thrilling and fast paced. With the magic of coordinating the movement from the flight simulator technology with what you are seeing, you will really feel like you are flying through space, especially going to warp speed. You must be 40" tall to ride and no one under the age of 7 without an adult. Fun Fact: opened December 1989.

Star Tours

There is a Star Speeder you can hop on and take a ride. My grandson Reece loved it,as you can see.

Star Tours

You can get some great pictures here. And of course, boys will be boys.

Star Tours

As you can tell, kids of all ages, including Stephen, love to have their picture taken on the Speeder.

GUEST POLICIES: Fastpass (Warning): There is jolting action, so no expectant mothers or anyone with neck or back problems. Minimum Height is 40". For Guests with hearing impairments; Video Captioning Devices are available at Guest Services. Guests must transfer to standard wheelchair and then transfer to ride.

Please enjoy a moment from Star Tours!



serves American cooking and is a casual family buffet. (Jo Jo and Goliath from "Jo Jo's Circus" and June and Leo from "Little Einstein's" meet and greet guests during a fun filled Character Breakfast or Lunch) This is my girlfriend, Jeanette's granddaughter Taylor with Jo Jo.

Prime Time Diner

50íS PRIME TIME CAF… serves pot roast, meat loaf, fried chicken and sandwiches. Hosted by Coca-Cola.

Prime Time Diner

(Absolutely wonderful, especially you baby boomers who grew up with formica) Had the BEST time here!

Prime Time Diner

There are TV's throughout the restaurant broadcasting black and white sitcoms.

Please enjoy a moment from the Mickey Mouse Club!

Prime Time Diner

The waitress acts like your mom, circa 1955, and tells you that you have to clean your plate, and when she tells you to do something, like get your elbows off the table, eat your vegetables, pick-up your trash around your plate, you better do it, or you will get a scolding.

Prime Time Diner

Here is a picture of Stephen, who didn't finish all of his green beans. He thought he was pretty clever hiding his green beans in his napkin. When our waitress brought outour desserts she had the beans in a glass sundae dish with the whipped cream and a cherry on top for him. We laughed until we thoughtwe were going to fall off our chairs. After the whole room stopped laughing, she brought out Stephen's real dessert.

Prime Time Diner

You, also, share the ketchup and mustard bottles, with family, between tables. Hilarious Fun! Oh Yes, the dessert menu is on a Viewmaster!

Please enjoy a moment from 50's Prime Time Diner!

Please enjoy another moment from 50's Prime Time Diner! This time it was my grandson, Josh, who didn't eat the green beans. Our waitress asked everyone in our section to make the airplane noise and she tried to feed him the beans.


BACKLOT EXPRESS serves burgers, hot dogs, salads, sandwiches and chicken strips in a warehouse style themed counter service restaurant with movie props throughout. It has indoor and outdoor seating.. Hosted by Coca-Cola.


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