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Here you will discover Swiss Family Treehouse, The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, The Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management, The Jungle Cruise and the Pirates of the Caribbean.



Walk through and explore the famous home of the shipwrecked Swiss Family Robinson. The SWISS FAMILY TREEHOUSE has 116 steps and there is only one way up and only one way down. Check out the plaques throughout the tree that tell, in journal form, the story of the Robinsons. This tree house has some amazing living quarters! Fun Facts: Opened in 1971. The tree stands 90 ft. high, 60 ft. wide and has 300,000 man-made leaves.

GUEST POLICIES: Guests must be ambulatory.


Fly on your own magic carpet on THE MAGIC CARPETS OF ALADDIN! The person who sits in the back of the carpet controls both the pitch and height of the flight. Kids love this ride because it rides just like the Dumbo ride. Watch out for spitting camels!


GUEST POLICIES: Guests must be able to transfer to a standard wheelchair.


Sing-a-long with all of the birds in a musical sensation with THE ENCHANTED TIKI ROOM UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT! Aladdin’s loud-mouthed parrot, Iago, and Zazu, the hornbill from "The Lion King" join the original hosts of the Tiki birds, Jose, Michael, Pierre and Fritz! Sing along and enjoy the fun! There is lots of singing, jokes, drums and a tropical storm with thunder and lightening during this 20 minute show.


Fun Facts: Opened in 1971. The original Enchanted Tiki Room was the first attraction to function completely via the wonders of audio-animatronics technology.


GUEST POLICIES: For Guests with hearing impairments; Handheld Captioning Device & Assistive Listening Devices are available at Guest Services.

Jungle Cruise

Come aboard with your trusted guide and enjoy a silly journey on a jungle river on THE JUNGLE CRUISE!

You will steer through hippo infested waters, rhinos, lions, headhunters, zebras, huge snakes...

Jungle Cruise

...and elephants bathing in a waterfalls!

You will see exotic animals, silly explorers that the animals have stuck up a tree and ancient ruins.

Jungle Cruise

Fun Facts: Opened in 1971. The first version of the Jungle Cruise was very serious, based on Walt Disney’s True Life Adventure Series. Originally, Walt wanted to use live animals!

Jungle Cruise

GUEST POLICIES: Fastpass For Guests with hearing impairments; Handheld Captioning Device & Assistive Listening Devices are available at Guest Services. Guests may remain in wheelchair or ECV.

Jack Sparrow

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN is a high seas adventure where you sail with pirates who are pillaging and plundering for booty! Captain Jack Sparrow has joined the pirate ranks as you sail through the Spanish Main. You will see him throughout the ride and you will swear it is really him!


From the minute you step on your boat you will be transported to another time and place. It is so quiet you can hear the crickets and a banjo playing in the background. Enjoy the tranquil surroundings with the fireflies all around you.


When you hear the "voice" warning you of things to come, you’ll know your surrounding are about to change, drastically! Down, Down you go and then your adventure will begin.


You will hear the all familiar song, "Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho, A Pirates Life For Me". You will find yourself in the middle of a battle where the cannon balls are hitting the water all around your boat. You can hear Captain Barbossa shouting out the orders from the pirate ship.


The burning of the city, which is all around and above you is incredible. The audio-animatronics of the pirates and animals are amazing! Still!

Pirate with the Pigs

Fun Facts: Opened in 1973. Pirates of the Caribbean was the last Disney Attraction that was personally supervised by Walt Disney.


GUEST POLICIES: Pal Mickey For Guests with hearing impairments; Handheld Captioning Device are available at Guest Services. Guests must transfer to standard wheelchair and then transfer to ride.

Please enjoy a few minutes from the Pirates of the Caribbean!


Ice Cream

ALOHA ISLE hosted by Dole and serving the famous Dole Whip chocolate/vanilla soft-serve ice cream, floats, chips and beverages.


EL PIRATA Y EL PERICO RESTAURANT ("The Pirate and the Parrot") serves tacos and taco salads (these are really good!), beverages and Triple Chocolate Cake.

SUNSHINE TREE TERRACE serves citrus specialties, slushes, chocolate/vanilla soft serve ice cream, Iced cappuccino, espresso and chocolate chip cookies.


FASTPASS is Disney’s FREE Service that helps cut down the time you have to stand in line for some of your favorite rides. Where eligible, go to your ride and to the Fastpass Center. Put your Disney ticket in the appropriate slot and in a few seconds your Fastpass will pop-out and you will get your Disney ticket back at the same time. On your Fastpass there will be an allotted time that you can go back to your ride and instead of going in the standby line you will go in the Fastpass Line. A Disney Cast Member will look at your ticket to make sure you are in your allotted time. This way you can board your attraction with a minimal wait. Tips: When you enter the park, go to your favorite rides and get your Fastpass. If you wait too long the Fastpass Center may run out of allotted times.

Pal Mickey

PAL MICKEY is an interactive plush Mickey Mouse that is quite amazing! Mickey will let you in on insider park tips, give you parade and show time reminders, tell you when your favorite characters are nearby and let you know about show waits at your favorite attraction. Pal Mickey will entertain kids of all ages with his jokes, interactive games and fun facts that will make your visit to the WDW Resort truly magical.

Delight in over 700 Fun Facts and Theme Park tips. Innovative technology ensures that Pal Mickey knows where he is while exploring the four Theme Parks and he will share info with you at just the right time and place.

The entertainment continues outside of the WDW Resort and even back home where he will share his jokes and play 3 interactive games. Almost every store in WDW carries Pal Mickey.

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