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Paper Piecing by GINA of Ebay's Gina's Treasure Chest



All ELEVEN LANDS are centered around a reflective lagoon and where you can enjoy the different cultures and cuisines.


Take your time going from land to land because there is so much to see and discover. The architect is all about the land that you are visiting. The authentic costumes are beautiful and it all makes you feel that you are in that country. Some countries have shows, live entertainment and/or movies.


EPCOT added the kid friendly "Kidcot" stations at every land so your child can create FREE crafts and enjoy the experiences, too!


Here you will discover Cast Members that are actually from the country you're visiting and are always eager to talk about their homeland. You can find unique souvenirs in each of the wonderful lands.


A close-up of this beautiful pavillion.


Tip: Make sure you have on comfortable shoes because you will be covering quite a bit of walking. (If you have little ones you might want to do 1/2 of the lands and do the other 1/2 another day.)



THE MEXICO PAVILION is a cultural area where Guests of all ages can experience thearchitecture, art, food and traditions of Mexico.


You can listen to the lovely music of the Mariachi's playing.

Please enjoy moments from The Mexico Pavilion!


EL RIO DEL TIEMPO is where you can float along the "RIVER OF TIME." Take the 7 minute boat ride at the GRAN FIESTA TOUR Starring the THREE CABALLEROS in the Mexico Pavilion. It features Donald Duck, Jose Carioca and Panchito from Disney's 1944 animated film "THE THREE CABALLEROS."


GUEST POLICIES: For Guests with hearing impairments; Handheld Captioning Devices are available at Guest Services. Guests must transfer to standard wheelchair.

Please enjoy moments from El Rio Del Tiempo!


Mariachi Cobre is live Mariachi Entertainment. (Check the Times Guide for show times)

Please enjoy moments from Mariachi Cobre!


San Angel Inn

SAN ANGEL INN RESTAURANTE serves Mexican cuisine, wine and beer. You will be dining in twilight. The subdued lighting provides a calm and soothing setting. Mexican tile floors and stucco walls are a great addition for the Mexican atmosphere. (picture from DIS website)

San Angel Inn

There is seating along the rear of the restaurant which overlooks the water. When seated in this section, you can watch the boats fromthe Rio Del Tiempo attraction go by. There's often a strolling mariachi band making this visit an authentictaste of Mexico.

(I strongly recommend making Advance Dining Reservations at 1-800-DISNEY or 1-407-WDW-DINE.)


You will enter a towering pyramid modeled after an actual Aztec Temple of Quetzalcoatl at Teotihuacan, Mexico and discover a gallery of artifacts from different periods in Mexican history. Continueinto a colonial plaza for festive music and savory dining in a bustling marketplace.

CANTINA DE SAN ANGEL serves tacos, churros, soft drinks, margaritas and beer coffee/tea and bottledwater. This is a festive counter service dining with seating that is outdoors overlooking the World ShowcaseLagoon.


Guests may walk through the "Art of Mexico" to look at the many authentic artifacts and nationaltreasures of their homeland. THE PLAZA DE LOS AMIGOS offers authentic Mexican souvenirs and treasures.


In the ARTESANIAS LA FAMILIA FASHIONS you'll find casual Mexican styled clothing and jewelry for women and children. Souvenirs and gifts from Northern Mexico are found in EL RANCHITO DEL NORTE. Vendor's carts offer home décor gifts, silver jewelry and other Mexican souvenirs.


GUEST POLICIES: All areas of Mexico are wheelchair accessible.


TIPS: Donald Duck, clad in the traditional Mexican sombrero and serape, can often be seen here signing autographs. Donald is not often seen in the parks! Say "hello" in Spanish, say "hola" (OH-lah).

Next stop is Norway!

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